About 20% of people with braces today are adults. If you’re considering orthodontic treatment for adults, consider ceramic braces. Ceramic braces are less noticeable, making them ideal for patients who don’t want to feel self-conscious wearing them!

What exactly are ceramic braces, and why are they such a great teeth-straightening option?

Read on before searching for “an orthodontist near me.” After reviewing this guide, you can choose a treatment based on your needs!

What Are Ceramic Braces?

When most people imagine orthodontic treatment, they picture metal brackets and wires; traditional metal braces. Ceramic braces are similar. Instead of gray or metallic brackets and wires, they feature clear or tooth-colored brackets.

Ceramic braces are ideal for patients who have all of their adult teeth. This ensures faster correction. It also lowers the chances of the brackets breaking due to strain from tooth movement.

Their discretion makes them an ideal orthodontic treatment for adults.

The tooth-colored brackets are less noticeable than traditional brackets. If you work a full-time job and don’t want to draw attention to your orthodontics, consider ceramic braces.

The process for this treatment option is simple. Your orthodontist will first take X-rays and photos of your teeth. They’ll also complete a visual examination.

Your orthodontist will also need to create an impression of your teeth. They’ll use this information to customize your treatment plan.

Once your braces are ready, you’ll return for another appointment. Your orthodontist will place the braces onto your teeth.

The duration of your treatment plan will vary based on your orthodontic needs.

The Benefits

Before choosing braces for adults, schedule a consultation appointment with your local orthodontist. They’ll help you determine if ceramic braces suit your needs. They can also help you review the pros and cons of this treatment option.

Here are a few benefits you’ll experience if you choose to improve your smile with ceramic braces.


One of the top benefits of ceramic braces is their appearance. They’re created using a translucent material, allowing them to blend in with your teeth. Ceramic braces are less noticeable than metal braces.

If you feel self-conscious about beginning orthodontic treatment as an adult, you won’t have to worry. Most people won’t realize you’ve started treatment.

If you’re looking for an alternative yet discrete treatment option, consider searching for “Invisalign near me.” Invisalign’s clear aligners can also hide the fact that you’re receiving treatment. However, Invisalign isn’t ideal if you need to correct severe orthodontic issues.

Your orthodontist might recommend ceramic braces instead.


Ceramic clear braces are more comfortable than traditional metal braces. The ceramic brakes are smaller and smoother than metal brackets. You won’t have to worry about them causing extreme discomfort.

However, ceramic brackets can cause some gum sensitivity.

It’s important to thoroughly clean around your brackets. If your toothbrush isn’t reaching your gum line or enamel, you could develop gingivitis. You may experience discomfort and swollen gums as a result.

Fewer Adjustments

Ceramic braces require fewer adjustments than metal braces. You won’t have to visit your orthodontist as often. If you have a busy work schedule, treatment with ceramic braces could be more convenient.

Treatment with ceramic braces takes between 18 and 36 months to straighten your teeth. Invisalign, however, could take a year or longer to work.

Clear aligners also don’t work for malocclusion (a crooked bite) or serious alignment issues.

However, ceramic braces aren’t as durable as metal braces. Your brackets might need to be replaced more often if they break under pressure. Issues with the brackets could slow down your treatment time.

Reduced Risk

If you choose treatment with metal braces, you may notice discoloration around your brackets. These white spots can develop due to decalcification.

The ceramic brackets’ translucent material is less likely to cause decalcification.


Ceramic braces are made from strong, durable materials. They can withstand wear and tear, giving you peace of mind. However, they’re not indestructible.

You’ll need to take care of your braces to avoid damaging them. If you do damage your braces, visit your orthodontist right away. They can make the necessary repairs.

Metal brackets aren’t bonded directly to your teeth. They’re more likely to detach from your tooth enamel than a ceramic bracket. In fact, metal brackets have a failure rate of 7.2% versus 1% for ceramic brackets.

However, the process of removing the glue could damage your protective tooth enamel.

It’s important to choose an experienced, licensed orthodontist before you begin treatment. They can reduce the risk of complications.

Easy to Care For

Your ceramic braces will require more maintenance than traditional metal braces. For example, you’ll need to brush and floss thoroughly. Otherwise, the brackets could develop stains.

Staining will make your ceramic braces more noticeable.

Don’t worry; they’re easy to care for.

Prioritize your oral health by brushing with a soft-bristled brush twice a day. Floss your teeth to remove food particles and plaque. Plaque is the tacky substance that clings onto or between your teeth.

If you leave bacteria, food particles, and plaque unattended, plaque can harden into tartar. You’ll need to schedule a professional teeth cleaning to have it removed. Otherwise, your risk of tooth decay will increase.

Neglecting your oral health can also cause stains to develop.

While undergoing treatment, avoid hard or chewy foods. These foods can damage your braces. They’ll also become more difficult to clean.

Minimize your intake of sugary drinks and snacks. Excess sugar can increase your risk of cavities. Coffee, tea, and drinks that contain color dye could stain your brackets.

Schedule routine dental and orthodontic appointments. Your orthodontist will assess your progress as you continue treatment. They’ll make adjustments to your treatment plan as needed.

Talk to Your Orthodontist About Ceramic Braces

Don’t let crooked teeth affect your appearance or self-esteem. Instead, talk to your orthodontist about ceramic braces. They’ll determine if you’re an ideal candidate for treatment.

Beginning treatment will improve your smile, benefiting your self-confidence and health in the process.

Want to learn more about ceramic braces? We can’t wait to help.

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