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Customized Orthodontic Care

Parrott Orthodontics is the greater Waynesboro, VA area’s premier orthodontic practice. We’re serious about creating treatment plans tailored to every patient’s individual needs and comfort. That’s why we offer a wide range of services in pediatric, adolescent, and adult orthodontics.

Clear Aligners
Invisalign® & Spark Aligners

We have two clear aligner treatments available to our patients, Invisalign and Spark. Both of these aligners give patients the ability to eat all their favorite foods, maintain oral hygiene with ease, and undergo treatment in a more discreet way. While these can be a wonderful option for some patients, those who require more extensive orthodontic treatment may need braces. Aligners are a great option for those in need of less major adjustments within a shorter treatment time.

Two Phase Orthodontic Treatment

While pre-teens and teens are the most common recipients of braces treatment, the American Association of Orthodontics recommends every child visit an orthodontist by age seven for an initial examination. For many kids this is simply an opportunity to check-in on orthodontic development and ensure there are no issues. For others, certain dental and orofacial issues may require early treatment. This early interceptive treatment is also known as Phase 1 treatment, and is later followed by more traditional Phase 2 treatment when the child’s adult teeth are fully developed.

Child Orthodontics

Whether your child is in need of early interceptive (Phase 1) treatment or has all their adult teeth and is ready for traditional treatment, Parrott will work with you and your family to develop an ideal plan. Our family-centered practice creates a cheerful atmosphere for kids of all ages. Visiting the orthodontist doesn’t have to be scary– Parrott Orthodontics makes it fun!

Adult Orthodontics

Adult patients may not realize that they’re a candidate for orthodontic treatment. While adolescence is an ideal time for braces because the mouth is still developing, patients can absolutely undergo treatment later in life. Adult orthodontics involves unique knowledge and experience, as different approaches and treatment lengths may be needed.

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